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by Jochem ten Hove

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StarriApps has been announced on the 30th of March 2021 on the Twitter page of KiwiGalaxyDev. StarriApps would be the new Game and App Development Project by Jochem ten Hove, which has a big approach for nostalgic and next-level projects.

Inspired by the popular game-franchise Bloons by Ninja Kiwi, StarriApps started to work on a new project named Monkey Wave. With a priority for playing with friends and having a great time together, Jochem started to make a Server Solution to be used for Monkey Wave.

Monkey Wave is by today's date still in development and will only contain Singleplayer Content by release. Multiplayer solutions are in the work and will be announced later in 2022.


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As mentioned above, KiwiGalaxyDev announced StarriApps in early 2021. KiwiGalaxyDev was the project by Jochem ten Hove before StarriApps was founded. KiwiGalaxyDev was focused on learning the process of creating games and making dreamworlds come true.

The games by KiwiGalaxyDev were inspired by pixel art games in combination with the mobile industry.

At the start of 2021, Jochem decided to end the project KiwiGalaxyDev, because of life changing events and relief in his personal life.

By these turn of events Jochem was inspired to create a new project named StarriApps. With the skills he learned over the years, he decided to make a 'Remake' of his game Monkey Wave, which was originally published in January of 2018.

This project would get the name Super Monkey Wave because it would be a sequal to the original. In the summer of 2021, Jochem decided to instead of making a sequal to his beloved game Monkey Wave, he would replace it in late December 2021.

Jochem ten Hove

jochem ten hove

Jochem loved making games since he was only 10 years old. Over the years he made original projects and spend a lot of sparetime in those. Not long after his 18th birthday, he got a lot of passion for self development, self care and Apple products.

This was the spark of light that made him create StarriApps, which the name is inspired by, and decided to leave his original project KiwiGalaxyDev behind.

Jochem started to delve into the story of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, later in 2021. StarriApps took a lot of inspiration from the user friendly interfaces and structure of Apple products. While keeping his own projects inspiring and innovative.

StarriApps is in his early years and will contain a lot of the passion that Jochem has for nature and the outside world. With the key elements of the Bloons games and Apple products in mind, StarriApps will be a unique and personal experience.

The Future

StarriApps will launch unique and magical games in the future. With the main focus being Monkey Wave, there aren't plans for new games in the near future. StarriApps is really experimental at the moment but has a main focus on bringing nostalgic dream-like experiences to your mobile devices.

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