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jochem ten hove

Jochem ten Hove is a Software Developer, Designer and Content Creator from The Netherlands. You may know him from the games he made under the name StarriApps or his YouTube Channel.

Jochem loves to create memorable experiences through his content. His main focus is developing mobile games and making videos about the process on his socials. On the YouTube Channel of StarriApps, you can follow the progress of the development from his game Monkey Wave.


Since 2019, Jochem studies Software Developer at Landstede Raalte. This year he will graduate his study. Jochem loves to learn. He does see a lot of opportunities in his future. He loves to study and to create the reality of his dreams.


jochem ten hove in his studio

Friends and family members see Jochem as someone with potential. He has an unique personality what gives him the strength to enjoy the world and do the most creative things.

Jochem is outgoing. He loves to enjoy time with his friends, but does need time to rest. Doing a bit crazy is something he loves, but at the same time he can be really serious and focused.


Jochem is really interested in the world and spirituality. Mindset is one of his main focuses in life. Growth is something he really finds interesting.

Alex Sedlak is Jochem's role model. Sedlak, creates mindset videos on his socials. TikTok is the main place to be for this type of videos. Sedlak gave Jochem the passion for self development.


Music is a big part of Jochem's life. His favourite artists are Owl City and Ed Sheeran. These artists do have a lot of inspiring stories and deep thoughts.

In Jochem's spare time he does play guitar and loves to sing. Music is something Jochem really wants to invest more time in.

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