Monkey Wave

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The Best Monkey Game of 2022!

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iphone 13 playing monkey wave

The Monkey Game!

Monkey Wave is a game for mobile devices. Bringing the best from both Singleplayer and Multiplayer games, is here the Monkey-Apocalypse! Easy to learn and great to play with friends!


The monkeys are coming for all of your fruits! Prevent the monkeys from taking the fruits off the screen. By tapping on those chimps, you can collect points. Try to stay alive as long as possible and collect tons of points.

monkey wave gameplay

Boss Battles

Fight against creative bosses with their own strengths and abilities! Bosses will get stronger over time and will challenge you in unique ways! Can you both defeat the Monkey Wave bosses and their monkeys?

gorilla boss battle in monkey wave game

Online Multiplayer

Play online against a lot of different Monkey Wave players from around the world! Or be the best of your friends group! On the worldwide leaderboard you can challenge yourself to be the best Monkey Wave player on the globe!

online multiplayer leaderboard for monkey wave game


Customize your fruits to your personal taste! Open FruitBoxes which contain unique skins for your fruits. With 12 unique FruitSkins you can make your life a bit more fun!

unlocked fruit skin in monkey wave game