Terms of Service

Effective Date: January 13, 2022

The terms of this agreement (“Terms of Service”) govern the relationship between you and Johannes Hermannus ten Hove, who is the representative person of StarriApps, regarding your use of StarriApps’s games, sites and related services (the “Service”). Use of the Service is also governed by the StarriApps Privacy Policy and other relevant policies.

Before using my Service, including browsing any StarriApps website, using a StarriApps app or playing a StarriApps game, you must agree to these Terms of Services and the Privacy Policy.

By installing, using or otherwise accessing the Service, you agree to these Terms of Service. If you don’t agree to these Terms of Service, you can’t use the Service.

1. Using the Service

1.1 Your Right to Use the Service

You can use the Service for entertainment purposes only. This is excluded for making commercial content for social media. You are not allowed to sell products based on the Service. This includes fan-games, hacked or modified versions of the Service and “StarriApps Accounts”.

You are not allowed to make any commercial advertisements based on the Service. It is strict forbidden to spam, junk or send misleading messages to anyone under the name of the Service or StarriApps.

1.2 Login information and your StarriApps Account

You are required to select an username and password to access the Service. It is your responsibility to keep your account safe by entering a secure password. Theft of your StarriApps Account is not my responsibility. StarriApps reserves the right to remove or reclaim any usernames at any time and for any reason.

1.3 Use Limitations

You agree you will not, under all circumstances:

- Make misleading use of the support services.

- Make use of or take part (directly or indirectly) in cheats, exploits, automation software, emulators, bots, hacks, mods or any unauthorized third-party software.

- Modify the Service.

- Disturb the Service in any way.

- Attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Service in any way.

- Post any abusive information including threatening, defamatory, libelous, or racially, sexually, religious, or other offensive terms.

- Attempt to harming others, physically or mentally.

- Make use of any copyrighted content.

- Try to get access to the source code in any way, including reverse engineering.

- Attempt to get access to Login Information from other users.

- Use the Service for gambling or other ways to win prizes and rewards.

1.4 Terminating your StarriApps Account and Service

StarriApps has the rights to completely terminate or (temporary) deactivate your StarriApps Account at any time when breaking any of the rules listed in this document.

1.5 Stopping the Service

Johannes Hermannus ten Hove is allowed to stop parts or the complete Service at any moment. This includes removing games or apps from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store and deleting user data when the games or apps are deleted.

2. Ownership

2.1 Games and Service

All rights included in the Service are owned by Johannes Hermannus ten Hove. Including without any limitations: games, apps, hardware, titles, computer code, themes, characters, artwork, sounds, music, audio-visual effects, character profile information, game clients and (server) software.

2.2. Accounts

The StarriApps Accounts are owned by Johannes Hermannus ten Hove, and he has all rights to modify or terminate those at any time.

2.3 Virtual Content

Johannes Hermannus ten Hove owns all virtual content shown in the Service.

3. User Content

3.1 Submission of User Content

“User Content” means any communication like images, sounds, messages, data, and information that you upload or transmit through a StarriApps game client or the Service. Content that can harm people in any way, including misleading or scamming is not allowed.

3.2 Content Screening

The Service may contain content that is publicly available for the outside world, including usernames and profile information. I can’t take control on what others will do with this information. I am not responsible for others that are publicly sharing any content based on your public profile.

3.3 Information Use by Other Members of the Service

You are responsible for any content you share on the Service. This includes the games, forums, sites, apps or other services created by Johannes Hermannus ten Hove. Sharing any content that qualifies in 1.3 of this document can be deleted at any time.

4. Purchase Terms

4.1 Purchases

In the Service you may purchase, with ”real world” money or non-transferable virtual currencies, “Virtual Items”. You can buy those “Virtual Items” to speed up progress, customize your game or get additional features. You are not allowed to purchase these items from unauthorized sources.

Johannes Hermannus ten Hove is allowed to change the in-game value of virtual currencies or Virtual Items and is allowed to remove Virtual Items and virtual currencies at any time.

When purchases are going wrong, for instance by disconnecting from the Service, it is your responsibility to reach out to me. Maybe I can help you out by refunding money, giving fees or manually giving you the Virtual Items you deserve. Johannes Hermannus ten Hove is the one who decides which of these three options is meant for you.

When the Service stops, you do not have any rights for a refund under any condition.

5. Changes to Terms of Service

5.1 Updating the Terms of Service

Johannes Hermannus ten Hove is allowed to change the Terms of Service at any time. When using the Service, you have to accept the Terms of Service, if you want to use our Service. When a new version of the Terms of Service is published, you are required to accept that one before you can use the Service again.